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Home Rainforest Alliance Audit Plan
Rainforest Alliance Audit Plan
Saturday, 07 December 2013 14:28

Rainforest Alliance Audit Plan

1.0 Evaluation Overview

Audit date(s)

8-12 December 2013

Certificate Scope:


PT. Sari Bumi Kusuma

Certificate Code:


Audit type

FSC FM/CoC Annual Audit

Audit year


Evaluation Standard(s)

  • FM-32 RA Interim Standard for Assessing Forest Management in Indonesia April 2011
  • FM-35 RA CoC Standard for Forest Management Enterprise April 2012

Primary client contact:

Name: Putra IBW

Position: Certification Contact


email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Primary Rainforest Alliance contact:

Happy Tarumadevyanto


FM and Verification Services Coordinator


+62 813 95 45 6880,

+62 817 090 1560

email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Audit locations:

Central Kalimantan, INDONESIA

2.0 Evaluation Team



Role / Audit Focus

Wahyu F. Riva

Wahyu F Riva holds a Professional Master's degree in Management Studies Program for Regional Development (MPD) and Sarjana Degree in Faculty of Forestry, both from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia.  He has been working for IDEAS Consultancy Services as a founder and Director. He also previously worked for The Indonesian Ecolabeling Institute (LEI) as a manager of certification development. He has been trained and passed for audits of Global Forestry and Trade Network (GFTN) under WWF and Smart Wood VLO. He had participated in 3 audits for forest management unit, 1 audit for industry unit, and 3 peer reviewer for GFTN-WWF in Indonesia. He had also participated in audits for Smart Wood/Rainforest Alliance: 7 audits Verification of Legal Origin (VLO), 1 audit for Verification of Legal Compliance (VLC), 6 FM/CoC pre-assessments, 1 FM/CoC assessment, 2 FM/CoC annual audits, and 1 FM/CoC re-assessment.  Wahyu Riva completed FSC Lead Auditor Training Course which fulfill ISO training requirement FSC-STD-20-001, Annex 2, 1.2

Lead Auditor

Ngurah Agus Eka Putra

Ngurah graduated from the Forest Conservation Department, Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). His work experience includes biological studies as part of environmental impact assessment, forest dynamics research, forest biomass assessments, ecotourism management, facilitation of community forest groups in achieving FSC certification and risk assessments for palm oil plantations in preparation for RSPO certification. Ngurah is a Forestry Specialist at PT Hatfield Indonesia. This is his fourth audit for Rainforest Alliance. Ngurah completed FSC Lead Auditor Training Course which fulfill ISO training requirement FSC-STD-20-001, Annex 2, 1.2


DR Prijanto Pamoengkas

Graduated from Bogor Agricultural University with his specialty on silviculture. DR Prijanto focuses his research on ecological background with the primary of silviculture system and forest management. His experience in the project of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) has strengthened his expertise in determining the area of silvicultural system. Other areas of experience include Study on Growth and Vegetation Structure in Logged-over area of TPTI System in West Kalimantan. 2013 (on going research), Biodiversity and Enrichment Tree Species Selection in Rainforest Transformation Land Uses in Jambi. 2012, Heath Forests Rehabilitation and Restoration Study in Central Kalimantan. 2011, Impact Assessment of Selective Cutting and Line Planting Silvicultural System on Biodiversity and Soil Quality in Central Kalimantan. 2009-2011, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Growth Analysis of Selective Cutting and Line Planting Silvicultural Sistem in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. 2010, Study on Rarity Status and Habitat of Shorea laevis Ridl. and Shorea leprosula Miq. in Sungai Teweh  Sungai Lahai Compound, Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. 2010


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